Problem with Webservice Consumer

Hallo Lotus-Community,

my problem is as follows:
I have a Webservice-Provider (Java) on a windows-based computer and a Webservice-Consumer (LotusScript) on our domino server.
When i use the webservice-consumer locally and the proxy-settings (with username and password) in my location document are there, then the consumer can be used without problems.
So over the proxy the webservice is working.
But if i want tho use the webservice-consumer without the proxy or in a agent that runs on the server, it doesn`t work.

The machine with the webservice-provider is reachable in the network without a proxy and i also get the WSDL without a proxy in the browser.

I have installed a webservice test program (soapUI) and that also works with the webservice.
We have also testet the webservice with another server in our network. No problems.
Only if i want to consume the webservice on the domino server it doesn`t work. I always get a timeout-failure.

So my question:
Is there any setting on the domino server that i have to enable.
Iam thankful for all tips.