Problem with Webservice Consumer

Hallo Lotus-Community,

my problem is as follows:
I have a Webservice-Provider (Java) on a windows-based computer and a Webservice-Consumer (LotusScript) on our domino server.
When i use the webservice-consumer locally and the proxy-settings (with username and password) in my location document are there, then the consumer can be used without problems.
So over the proxy the webservice is working.
But if i want tho use the webservice-consumer without the proxy or in a agent that runs on the server, it doesn`t work.

The machine with the webservice-provider is reachable in the network without a proxy and i also get the WSDL without a proxy in the browser.

I have installed a webservice test program (soapUI) and that also works with the webservice.
We have also testet the webservice with another server in our network. No problems.
Only if i want to consume the webservice on the domino server it doesn`t work. I always get a timeout-failure.

So my question:
Is there any setting on the domino server that i have to enable.
Iam thankful for all tips.



5 Responses to Problem with Webservice Consumer

  1. Only thing I can think of is that a web service is an agent so if it’s a busy server it may be running out of concurrent agents… However timeout indicates an network issue. Can you open the wsdl document and use SoapUI from the server that otherwise time out?

    • gasteiger says:

      Thank you for the tip.
      Yes, the WSDL can be opened on the linux system where the domino server runs.
      We installed SoapUI and the webservice works.
      Its crazy, only when we want to consume the webservice directly from the domino server it ends in a timeout.

  2. Hi, if this is the same Martin, it is a strange issue and Core are still investigating this. If not the same Martin, you are describing an issue I am currently working on.

    Server/agent shouldn’t need to talk to , It is actually discouraged from doing this as it causes unnecessary load on

    Quickest way to test that though, set to and host the XML file on your server (test server that is hosts is updated).

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